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Author Topic: Review: Accuflex Creation 65 and 80 Shafts  (Read 6088 times)
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« on: August 02, 2007, 10:20:20 AM »

Accuflex Creation Shafts
“Who’s your driver’s maker?”

I’ll be the first to admit it: hitting driver and fairway woods can often be my biggest downfall during a round. I’ve never been one to lack distance,  -only consistency. It often leads me to buying more drivers than I care to admit, or searching for that “elusive” shaft and head combo. It’s a familiar story for many, so we can commiserate if nothing else during this review. Having the opportunity to try out the new Accuflex Creation shafts was something that was fairly new to me, in that I had never used a “high dollar” shaft before. Despite spending literally thousands of dollars over the years trying to find the “magic” combo, I always stuck to more mainstream, budget-conscious shafts. In retrospect, I wonder why- given the sheer number I have been through. I could have easily afforded “the best money could buy.” Given Accuflex has chosen the slogan, “Perfection has it’s price,” I wonder how many like myself might be a little turned off by the potential cost of the shaft. But, the test at hand was to see if it warranted high prices by delivering big time accuracy and performance. So off we go!

I had been playing the Ping Rapture on and off for a while. Sometimes it was great, sometimes my swing was not, and a variety of shots were often the result. With the stock VS Proto shaft, I was getting a mid to high flight, but on a launch monitor, my spin numbers were often in the mid to high 3000 RPM range, sometimes topping 4000 RPM’s. Given my typical 110 MPH swing speed, and sometimes slightly low launch angles around 9 to 10 degrees, I need the high launch, low spin shaft that offers some good stability to lessen the effects of those less than perfect swings. The Creation 65x was the model I choose to test in the Rapture. With its silver ion finish, it certainly is a looker. The taper of the shaft is the most fascinating I have seen personally. The mid section of the shaft sort of “bulges” out, and this design element is said to store the energy of the swing and release it at impact more effectively.

Through extensive play with this shaft, I can, without hesitation, say it will reduce your dispersion if it fits your swing. I’ve found it to be mid-launching shaft on course, with very controlled spin. My drives hit the ground running with some major motivation. At times I hit what I think is a low-ish dud of a drive, but it just keeps going on a laser-like trajectory and rolls out to a very respectable distance that exceeds my expectations. On good swings, the trajectory is mid/high, and the flight is very boring and flat. For those that encounter wind during your round, or have a need to control their spin with the big stick, this very well could be your shaft. It feels very firm. Part of this could be the nanotube construction. If you have played Accuflex’s Evolution shaft, I can say the feel is similar, with a much stiffer butt section.

On the launch monitor, I was seeing launch angles averaging around 13 degrees, and my spin rates were a very respectable 2700-RPM’s on average. I had been fighting a wrist injury, so my ball speeds are fairly irrelevant, but I will say they were as good as any of the other 5 or so drivers I tested on the launch monitor that day. When my swing is a little off, this shaft can feel a tad hard to load. When swinging at my best, it can feel very smooth and responsive. It’s about the “tightest” shaft I have experienced, without the “boardy” or harsh feel that butt-stiff shafts can sometimes elicit.
While I figured the 80-gram Creation might be a bit much for me as a driver shaft, I eagerly put it into rotation as my fairway shaft in my Ping G5 15 degree head. Again, the look of this shaft, with the bronze-colored ion finish just looks outstanding. To match the driver, I choose the 80x flex as my fairway wood shaft. The extra weight of the fairway wood head really made this shaft react nicely for me. It gave the shaft a slightly easier to load feel than that of the driver, with a little softer feel near the hands. I almost prefer the feel of the 80-gram shaft, and may at some point see if it is merely the extra weight of the fairway head that gives it the slightly softer feel by trying one in a driver. Frank Viola at Ace of Clubs TP built both clubs to exacting frequency, -so my inclination is that this is a design feature of the 80x shaft. 

Out on the course, the Creation 80x shaft has again been very tight, with good dispersion. As a fairway shaft, I have found the Creation 80x to be easy loading, with a mid/high flight and a piercing downrange trajectory. It has been very easy to use both off the deck and the tee. On a vacation to a resort course and my first rounds out with the Creations, I managed a downwind tee shot with the 3 wood to a surprising 305 yards. I was quite smitten with myself after that one. Given I had not seen distance like that out of this head previously, I had to give credit to the shaft. It has really transformed a clubhead that I liked fairly well, into one of my favorite “go-to” clubs.

So what’s the moral of the story here? Both the 65x and 80x Creation shafts from Accuflex are both great performers. Initially, seeing their slogan “Perfection has its price,” I thought my frugal shaft tendencies would make me want to find fault with it so that I could justify not liking it. I’m afraid I like them a lot, and will seriously have to re-think how I choose my shafts in the future. Sometimes you do get what you pay for, and in this instance, Accuflex delivers on their promise of perfection.     

Michael White
Independent Equipment Reviewer
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