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Saturday, 28 November 2015 02:14

Hooked On Golf Blog
The #1 Blog In Golf

Golf Digest 2015 = MySpace 2007
Hats off to Golf Digest for more fantastic golf journalism. What will the interns come up with ...

Golf is a Game of Honor, Which is Why the USGA Does Not Trust You
Golf is a game of honor, right? That’s exactly why the USGA does not trust us to post scores ...

2015 Christmas Golf Accessory Gift Guide (Holiday Gift Guide For You PC Folk)
This the 2nd installment of my 2015 golf Christmas gift guides. These guides may be known to the ...

2015 Holiday Golf Apparel Gift Guide, a.k.a. Christmas Golf Apparel Gift Guide
Well it is that time of year, the “gift guides” are all over the blogosphere now. Ah, I ...

Pitchfix Twister – Green Repair Tool
The creativity and ingenuity of some golf entrepreneurs and designers never ceases to amaze me. ...

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