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Saturday, 05 September 2015 10:19

Hooked On Golf Blog
The #1 Blog In Golf

We Interrupt this Golf Blogram for a GO UTES!
I’m very excited to be tailgating and attending tonight’s University of Utah Utes vs ...

Golf Cigar Aficionado – La Gloria Cubana Serie RF Cigar
This past weekend I put into play some new sticks. Sticks can be a synonym for golf clubs, but can ...

Golf Tips You Can Use – Sesame Street Sandwich Case
As much as I want to support my local golf course and help “grow the game,” sometimes I ...

Golf Course Review – Journey at Pechanga
I’ve heard a lot about the golf course at Pechanga and I’m glad I was finally able to ...

2015 Club Championship Round One – Twilight Zone
Last Tuesday I played round one of my 2015 club championship, defending my 2014 title. ...

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