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Sunday, 04 October 2015 07:28

Hooked On Golf Blog
The #1 Blog In Golf

Bolle’ Ransom Sunglasses Review
The sun always shines when you’re cool. I’ve had the pleasure of wearing the ...

I’d Rather Play Golf Than Watch It
Anything interesting happen in professional golf over the last few weeks?  Actually, I ...

Worth Another Look: Custom Embroidered Imperial Coolcore Golf Hats
While settling up and collecting my winnings last Sunday over a celebratory frosty beverage, I ...

This Week on Tour – Tour Championship and the $10 Million Prize
TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola Dates: Sept. 24-27 Venue: East Lake Golf Club, Atlanta, Ga. ...

Dear Golf: You Can’t Fool Me This Time
Yesterday I played a round of golf at one of my all-time favorite courses here in northern Utah, ...

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